2023-02-07 [Taiwan Trademark Infringement] Keelung Customs Seizes Counterfeit HDMI Transmission Cable, Market Value of Infringement Exceeds NT$280 Million

(Central News Agency reporter Wang Chao-yu, Keelung, 7th, telecom.)

Keelung Customs of Customs Service Department of Finance Ministry, from the end of December last year to January this year, has continuously seized counterfeit HDMI transmission cables of 4,178 pieces which is estimated market value of infringement exceeding NT$ 280 million, in imported sundries containers. The transmission cables have been detained in accordance with the law for violating the Trademark Law and other regulations.

Keelung Customs, by a press release, stated today: the goods of this case were cleared in imported sundries container; after unpacking and inspection, the transmission cables which are suspected of infringing trademark rights were found; the transmission cables were marked with the word “HDMI”, however the trade mark did not be declared in the customs declaration; the Customs immediately notified the HDMI trademark right agent to come for identification, and the result of identification was indeed counterfeit.

Keelung Customs stated: according to Article 97 of the Trademark Law, a person who imports goods with the intent to sell without the consent of the trademark owner shall be punished with imprisonment for not more than one year, or with detention in lieu thereof, or in addition thereto, a fine of not more than NT$50,000.

Acting Director of Keelung Customs, Chang Shih-tung, stated: the Customs has long been committed to performance the protection of intellectual property rights, and will continue to stop illegal infringement at the border in the future; the batch of goods have been detained in accordance with the law, and the goods which were involved in violation of the Trademark Law, the Trade Law and the Customs Anti-smuggling Act and other regulations will be investigated and dealt with in accordance with “the Regulations Governing Customs Measures in Protecting the Rights and Interests of Trademark”. (Editor: Li Si-chang) 1120207

Source: Central News Agency

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