2023-02-21 [Taiwan Trademark Infringement] Man caught selling counterfeit sports brands 7 times at his stall, sentenced to 6 months in prison and compensated NT$60,000.

A man surnamed Su in Kaohsiung repeatedly imported counterfeit NIKE, adidas and other well-known brands of sportswear from the Chinese online shopping platform Taobao and sold them in traditional markets. The Qiaotou District Court took that this has been the 7th time he illegally sold counterfeit products into consideration, sentenced him to 6 months in prison and awarded a total of NT$60,000 in civil damages.

The Criminal Summary Judgment of the Qiaotou District Court indicated that since 2019, Su imported counterfeit sportswear bags from the Chinese Taobao website at NT$200 to NT$250 per piece, and set up a stall and sold them at prices ranging from NT$200 to NT$390 per piece in Kaohsiung Alian First Market in August of the same year. The police seized them on the spot when they went to search for counterfeit trademark products in February of 2019. After checking, there were a total of 262 displayed products.

The case was appealed to The Second Special Police Crops, NPA, MOI. After reporting to the prosecutor of the Qiaotou District Prosecutors Office for investigation, they applied for Summary Judgement.

Source: CNA

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