2023-02-14 [U.S. Patent Infringement] Everlight Withdraws Patent Lawsuit against Amazon

Everlight (2393) announced that Everlight has withdrawn a patent infringement lawsuit previous filed against Amazon in the United States after both parties agreed to terms.

Everlight filed the patent infringement lawsuit against Amazon in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas on August 31, 2021, alleging that Amazon infringed its U.S. flip-chip patent US 7,554,126, and petitioned for an injunction against Amazon’s infringing products, prohibiting Amazon from selling, displaying and other acts and compensation for damages.

According to Everlight, Amazon’s filament, deep ultraviolet (UVC) and automotive LED products have used Everlight’s U.S. flip-chip patent US 7,554,126 technology. The patent is related to LED flip chip and packaging technology, which can improve the luminous efficiency, working wattage and heat dissipation effect of LEDs. It can not only be used for filament, UVC and automotive LED products, but also cover applications such as special application lighting, CSPs, backlight, flashes and Mini/Micro LEDs.

However, Everlight withdrew its U.S. patent lawsuit against Amazon after both parties agreed to the terms. Everlight reiterated that patent rights are mainly to protect innovative R&D results and encourage industrial development; Everlight will take legal action against unlawful infringements in the market when necessary to defend the company’s consistent position of respecting intellectual property rights.

Source: money.udn.com

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