2023-03-02 [ChinaPatent Infringement] Huawei Sues Xiaomi for Patent Infringement

The two major technology giants in China, Huawei and Xiaomi, are going to face each other in court over patent issues.

According to the “Announcement on the Acceptance of Administrative Judgments on Major Patent Infringement Disputes” published by the China National Intellectual Property News, Huawei’s application to the China National Intellectual Property Administration for administrative rulings on Xiaomi’s patent infringement was accepted. Some analysts pointed out that Huawei may want to bring Xiaomi to the negotiating table to negotiate patent licensing fees. At the same time, the industry is also observing whether administrative rulings will become a feasible way for technology companies to handle patent litigation in the future.

This move by Huawei is very likely to negotiate with Xiaomi on the issue of patent licensing between the two sides. Previously, Huawei has reached global patent cross-licensing agreements with Samsung and OPPO.

The announcement shows that the China National Intellectual Property Administration recently accepted Huawei’s case that Xiaomi infringed four of its Chinese patents. Some people believe that among the four patents involved in this case, two are 4G and LTE standard essential patents, which Xiaomi cannot bypass, and the other two patents involve mobile phone photography and screen unlocking technology.

Currently, Huawei has applied for more than 100,000 patents worldwide, including the necessary patents for 4G and 5G standards, which are difficult for other communication companies to circumvent.

Source: udn.com

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