2023-03-14 [Taiwan Trademark Infringement] A fitness apparel brand has been sued for that the trademark is similar to a famous women’s clothing brand

【Reporter Yang Pe-Ggy/Taipei Report】
A fitness apparel brand “AROO” has been sued for that the trademark appearance is similar to a women’s clothing brand “iRoo” recently, and “iRoo” has sued “AROO” for prohibition on use the trademark. Intellectual Property Court has ruled against Wei-Yi Co., Ltd. which manages “AROO” and prohibited the use of “AROO”, and Wei-Yi Co., Ltd. has been ordered to cancel the “AROO” domain name and provide compensation exceeding 2.5 million NT dollars. The case is appealable.

The brand “AROO” has been used by Wei-Yi Co., Ltd. since September 2018, and the trademark added with a Spartan helmet pattern has been registered since 2019. The trademark “AROO” used in the official website and the online store is without the helmet pattern. The brand “iROO” has been managed by I-Roo Co., Ltd. since 2006 and is a premium fashion brand for women’s clothing.

After examination, Intellectual Property Court has concluded that both of the trademarks have texts “ROO”, the design effects and the visual effects between the two trademarks are similar, and the two trademarks are clothing brands. Some consumers also have asked on Facebook whether they can use the “AROO” discount code, indicating that consumers indeed made mistakes in recognition.

Source: SETN

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