2023-03-29 [Taiwan Trademark Infringement] Be careful with the law! Several individuals were arrested for violating the trademark law by buying cartoon fabrics to make handmade products for sale.

When The Intellectual Property Rights Police conducted an online patrol at the end of last year, it was found that several sellers on online shopping platforms selling handmade products such as bags, tote bags, phone cases, masks, and drink holder bags featuring trademarks of Hello Kitty and Doraemon.

Investigation revealed that several sellers were selling handmade products and fabrics made from Hello Kitty and Doraemon patterned fabrics on online shopping platforms at prices ranging from NT$100 to NT$200. The estimated market value of the infringement was about NT$1 million. This case has been sent for prosecution under Article 97 of the Trademark Law.

The police reminded that even if the fabric purchased is genuine, it cannot be processed and sold without obtaining legal authorization, and must obtain additional authorization from the company that owns the copyright or trademark rights of the pattern before it can be legally used for processing and selling. Buyers should not resell such products without proper authorization to avoid breaking the law.

Source: Chinatimes.com

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