2023-04-22 [U.S. Patent Infringement] Samsung Meets with a Setback in the United States! Netlist Awarded Nearly NT$9.3 Billion for Patent Infringement

Netlist, a U.S. computer memory company, sued Samsung for allegedly infringing on five patented technologies. On the 21st, a Texas jury ruled that Samsung should pay US$303 million (approximately NT$9.28 billion). After the verdict, Netlist’s stock price soared 21% on the same day.

According to Reuters, Netlist’s lawyer said that in the past cooperation between the company and Samsung, Samsung obtained Netlist’s patented technology of memory module and applied it to its own cloud servers and data-intensive products. Therefore, Netlist demanded that Samsung pay US$404 million (approximately NT$12.3 billion) in compensation.

In this regard, Samsung argued that Netlist’s patent is invalid, and the technology used in its own products is different from that of Netlist. However, after six days of discussion, the Texas jury found that Samsung has infringed the patent and awarded $303 million in damages.

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