2023-06-08 [US Patent Litigation] Realtek Sues MediaTek in the U.S.

Bloomberg reported that Realtek Semiconductor Corp. (TWSE: 2379), the third largest IC design factory in Taiwan, launched an antitrust lawsuit in the U.S. against MediaTek Inc., Taiwan’s leading IC design company, and described MediaTek as a “modern robber baron” accusing MediaTek of cooperating with Patent Assertion Entity (PAE) teamed up to harass Realtek with frivolous and costly lawsuits.

MediaTek and Realtek ranked fifth and eighth respectively in the global IC design ranking. MediaTek’s main product line is mobile phone chips, and there are also product lines such as TV, tablet and broadband, and power management IC. Realtek focuses on PC and Netcom applications and also has chips for TVs and Cable-Free Wireless Stereo Headphones.

Realtek traveled to the U.S. to sue MediaTek, and the wording was harsh and tough, triggering concern. Realtek emphasized yesterday (7) that fair competition can promote innovation and progress in the semiconductor industry; unfair competition, especially in violation of antitrust laws, will harm corporate innovation because it will waste company resources that could be used to invest in further innovation in R&D. MediaTek pointed out that the case has entered the judicial process and it is inconvenient to comment.

Source: Economic Daily News

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