2023-06-15 [Germany Patent Infringement] Everlight files infringement lawsuit against SLV and Walmart to defend intellectual property rights

On the eve of the shareholders’ meeting to be held on June 16, Everlight issued a press release stating that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit with the German Dusseldorf Regional Court on June 6 against SLV GmbH (“SLV”) for infringement of Everlight’s German patents on LED lighting products, and requested the Dusseldorf Regional Court to issue an injunction against SLV’s infringing products to prohibit SLV from selling and displaying them, as well as to pay damages.

On June 9, Everlight filed a patent infringement lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas against Walmart’s filament, UVC, automotive LED products and lighting products for infringement of Everlight’s U.S. patents, and requested the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas to issue an injunction against Walmart’s infringing products to prohibit Walmart from selling and displaying them and to pay damages.

Everlight states that EverlightT’s German and U.S. patented technologies related to LED cladding and holder packaging technology can improve LED production speed, quality yield, luminous efficiency, operating wattage, electrical conductivity and heat dissipation, not only for filament, UVC, automotive LED and lighting products, but also covering special application lighting, CSP, backlight, flash and Mini/Micro LED applications.

Everlight reiterates that the main purpose of patent rights is to protect innovative R&D achievements and to encourage industrial development; in response to unlawful infringements in the market, Everlight will take legal action when necessary to defend Everlight’s consistent position of respecting intellectual property rights.

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