2023-08-10 [International Patent Infringement] Panasonic sues Xiaomi and OPPO over patents related to communication standards.

According to comprehensive media reports, Panasonic owns several patents related to high-speed communication LTE and other standards. If communication-related enterprises like smartphones want to use Panasonic’s patented technology, they must sign a licensing agreement with Panasonic.

However, Xiaomi and OPPO have used relevant patented technologies without authorization from Panasonic. Panasonic has been negotiating with Xiaomi and OPPO for many years, but no conclusion has been reached, and finally, Panasonic filed a lawsuit against Xiaomi and OPPO on July 31st.

The report pointed out that related lawsuits will be pursued in Germany, the United Kingdom, the newly established European Unified Patent Court (UPC), and China.

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