2023-08-13 [Taiwan Copyright Infringement] Three people from Largan Precision are suspected of violating copyright

Optical lens manufacturer Largan Precision Co. (3008) was investigated and searched the day before yesterday. The whole case is suspected to be reported by the manufacturer due to a software licensing dispute. The Investigation Bureau brought back three people for questioning, including Mr. Huang, the chief director of R&D department of Largan Precision. After the prosecution’s re-examination, the three people were suspected of serious crimes of exploitation for business purposes of a copy of a computer program that infringes on economic rights in such computer program, and ordered Mr. Huang to pay NT$ 1 million, the deputy director Chen to pay NT$ 600,000, and the section chief Huang to pay NT$ 200,000 in bail for violating copyright, and all of them were restricted from leaving the country.

It is understood that in the case of Largan Precision suing Ability Opto-Electronics Technology for stealing trade secrets many years ago, the court summoned Mr. Huang to testify in court as a witness, and it is to be clarified whether the prosecutor’s search and interview are related to this case.

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