2024-01-23Ennostar: Epistar sued Amazon for patent infringement and the patent litigation ended in settlement

Liberty Times newsletter 2024/01/23
Ennostar: Epistar sued Amazon for patent infringement and the patent litigation ended in settlement

[by Fang Wei-jie/Taipei] Ennostar (3714), LED leading manufacturer, today, pronounced that the patent litigation which is conducted in West District Court of Texas, U.S., between Epistar belonging to Ennostar and Amazon, reached a settlement. Epistar considered that the goal for protection of the group’s LED development technology had been reached so that Epistar agreed to withdraw the litigation. However, the litigation settlement conditions do not easily disclosed to the public.

Amazon was sued by Epistar for selling televisions of 43 inches, 50 inches of 4 series and Omni series which was not authorized by Epistar and infringed LED patent rights including U.S. patent number: 7,705,344, 9,530,934, 10,199,542, 10,505,076, 9,257,604, 10,181,549, 10,522,715, 9,293,656, 9,893,257, 10,038,129, 8,963,123, 9,425,362 and 7,821,026.

Ennostar pronounced that it was first time that Epistar filed the patent litigation for back light products; after the settlement between the two parties was reached, Epistar will still be actively interested in intellectual property rights in products and deliver warnings and litigations against infringement to defend company’s position firmly. Epistar is a global LED epitaxy and die provider and has 13 ongoing patent litigation cases which scopes include key technologies such as patterned substrates for die to LED backlight module, epitaxy, transparent conductive oxide, and metal electrodes.

Ennostar counted that Epistar currently had more than 4,500 patents issued and pending. By patent litigation, it will be helpful to reinforce the attention from the outsiders on Epistar’s intelligent property rights, and encourage the group to conduct the technology development and the product innovation. Epistar will continue to partner with the parent group. In the future, Epistar will not only focus on the main industry development, but also accelerate the investment in three major high value-added application markets, such as next-generation display technology, sensing and automotive applications, to provide more complete LED solution to stabilize market position.

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