2024-02-03 Commercial Times, C7 section Canon’s U.S. patents rank among the top five in the world.

In a highly competitive business environment, brand patent research and development has gradually become the core foundation of each enterprise’s source of competitive advantage. In this complex and intense era, new product research and development patents are even more important for the protection of intellectual property rights.

Canon Inc. officially announced its excellent results in patents. According to the 2023 Patent Ranking Report published by IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, a U.S. patent database, Canon continues to rank among the top five companies in the world that have obtained the most U.S. patents. As the only company in the world to achieve this honor for 38 consecutive years, and to top the local Japanese company rankings for 19th consecutive year, this is the best proof of Canon’s continuous challenge to innovation.

Canon, the world’s leading brand in optical imaging, has long invested in the market and continued to pursue innovation in its corporate beliefs, and its continuous investment in brand patent research and development has not only paid off, but has also demonstrated its position as a technology leader in the world.

Over the years, Canon has prioritized business globalization, and obtaining overseas patents is a key part of it. Canon maintains a proactive strategy in patent applications, focusing on considering the business strategies and technological development policies of each country or region, analyzing the demand trends for unique products in each place, and using this as a key point to plan for the application of different overseas patents. Among many other countries, the U.S. has a large number of high-tech companies with significant scale and market share, making it an important base for Canon’s business development and gathering of technology strategic allies.

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