2024-03-21 Commercial Times, B5 section Elan Microelectronics files patent lawsuit against FocalTech.

Touch chip manufacturer Elan Microelectronics (2458) filed a patent infringement complaint against FocalTech (3545) in the Intellectual Property and Commercial Court on March 20. Elan Microelectronics found that the commercially available laptop computers are equipped with touch chips manufactured and sold by FocalTech. The appointed patent attorney firm determined that they fell within the scope of the patent owned by Elan Microelectronics.

According to Elan Microelectronics, the touch chip in question is a touchpad module used in a laptop computer of a single gaming model.

In order to properly exercise its intellectual property rights to stop the copying trend from peers and maintain the long-term competitive advantage of the company’s products, Elan Microelectronics filed a lawsuit and requested the Court to exclude and stop all acts of infringement of the patent by FocalTech, as well as to request damages to protect shareholders’ rights and interests.

The lawsuit has entered into the process of judicial determination, and the specific amount of compensation has not yet been disclosed, and neither party has released additional explanations.

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