2024-04-12 CUB sues Arcadyan for patent infringement

2024-04-12 00:29 udn.com Co., Ltd.

[By Chiu Hsin-yi and Huang Ching-lin/Taipei]

Automotive electronics manufacturer CUB (2231) announced yesterday (11) that Arcadyan, a networking company, allegedly infringed CUB’s vehicle radar device invention patents, CUB therefore filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Arcadyan. In this regard, Arcadyan said that it is in the process of understanding the situation and will provide a formal response later.

CUB, a major automotive electronics manufacturer, CUB’s main products include in-vehicle switches and automotive sensors, and in recent years, CUB has been actively involved in the self-driving car radar system. Arcadyan is a major networking company with major products including fibre-optic client equipment and 5G FWA, and has made a low-key entry into automotive products in recent years.

According to CUB, Arcadyan is alleged to have infringed a number of CUB’s invention patents in respect of its vehicle radar devices. After investigation, it was recently discovered that Arcadyan was involved in the unauthorized manufacture of the RS1000 “79G Inner Wheel Differential Radar”. Arcadyan not only displayed this product on its official YouTube channel, but also participated in the 2023 AMPA Taipei International Motorcycle Parts & Accessories Show & Taipei International Automotive Electronics Show with this product.

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