2024-05-02 Eight U.S. newspapers sued OpenAI for infringement, along with Microsoft, accusing it of “stealing millions of articles” of news to train artificial intelligence models

[Compiled by Chen Lu-an/Comprehensive foreign news]
Eight newspapers across the United States have accused Microsoft and OpenAI spawned ChatGPT of “stealing millions” of copyrighted news articles without permission to train their artificial intelligence (AI) models.

The New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune and other newspapers filed a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court on April 30. The statement read: “This lawsuit arises from the defendants’ stealing of publisher data of millions of copyrighted articles, without permission and without payment, to commercialize its generative AI products, including ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Copilot.”

The statement also stated, “This lawsuit will prove that the defendants must first obtain the publisher’s consent and secondly pay a fair price in order to use this content.”

Other newspapers involved in the lawsuit include the Orlando Sentinel, Florida Sun-Sentinel, San Jose Courier-News, Denver Post, Orange County Register, and St. Paul Herald-Leader. These newspapers are affiliated with Florida-based hedge fund Alden Global Capital.

OpenAI issued a statement in response, attaching great importance to supporting news organizations. “While we were not previously aware of Alden Global Capital’s concerns, we are actively establishing constructive partnerships and dialogue with many news organizations around the world to explore possible opportunities, discuss various issues, and provide solutions.”

Media organizations such as the New York Times and best-selling authors such as “A Song of Ice and Fire” author George R.R. Martin and “Black Enterprise” author John Gleeson have made a series of AI-related copyright litigations against OpenAI and Microsoft at the end of last year.

Such legal challenges are not necessarily easy to win in court. Comedian Sarah Silverman joined a similar class-action lawsuit against Meta Group last year, and a California federal judge dismissed most of the claims as “baseless” last fall.

[2024-05-02/Economic Daily/A9 Edition]

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