2013-02-01【Taiwan Patent Law】Amended patent law of Taiwan enforcing in October 29, 2011 for patent filing(2)

【Introduction of the patent law amended in October 29, 2011 (2)】

4. Scope Broadening of Grace Period

The scope of grace period, wherein an applicant for a patent, including “Invention Patent” and “Utility Model Patent,” can claim grace period for disclosing his/her invention in any kind of printed publication by himself/herself within 6 months before the filing date, is broadened to be applicable to “inventive step (creativity for “Design Patent”) ” in addition to “novelty.”(Amended Article 22 and 122)

5. Independence of Claim(s) and Abstract from Specification

With the trends of international legislation, the “Claim(s)” and “Abstract” are independent from specification of invention in the current draft amendment(Amended Article 23 and 25)

6. Related Coherent Regulations about Specification, Claim(s) and Drawing(s) Proposed with Foreign Documents

The foreign specification used as documents for translating an filing application shall not be amended, and the regulations of correcting translation error(s) are also introduced, that specifies which foreign languages are allowed and the regulates how to prescribe the content.

(Amended Article 25, 44, 67, 106, 110, 125, 133, 139 and 145)

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