2022-01-19 [US Patent Authorization] Ericsson Sued Apple for the Illegal Use of 5G Patents

Liberty Times January 19, 2022

Ericsson recently filed another lawsuit against Apple, accusing it of illegally using Ericsson’s 5G patents on iPhone. The dispute between the two companies continues.

Ericsson and Apple contracted with each other for the first time in 2015 with a 7-year-term agreement of patent authorization. However, after the failure to renew their contract, the two companies have been in legal dispute for many times.

Ericsson sued Apple in October of 2021 for the intention to unfairly reduce the patent fees. Apple then accused that Ericsson attempted to force it to renew the patents. Addressing this situation, Apple said that Ericsson refused to have a negotiation with them for renewing the agreement regarding the patent authorization and even sued them in other countries, asking for high patent fees. Apple has filed a request to the court for the assistance to settle down with a fair price. Meanwhile, Ericsson emphasized it was unable to reach an agreement with Apple due to the expired contract and Apple is using their 5G technologies without permission.

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