2022-08-09 [Taiwan Trade Secret] WINCODE’s Former General Manager Prosecuted for Revealing Trade Secrets to Gainscha

Liberty Times August 9, 2022

WINCODE Technology Co., Ltd’s former general manager, Teng, was suspected of revealing trade secrets, such as one of the barcode printer source codes, motherboard IC designs and other electronic circuit diagrams, to WINCODE’s Chinese client Gainscha Technology. Taiwan New Taipei District Prosecutors Office prosecuted Teng today for violating Trade Secrets Act.

Under the prosecutors’ investigation, Teng worked for WINCODE from October of 2014 to April of 2019, being in charge of the R&D, selling and the management of the products. However, he was suspected of having copied the trade secrets and saved them in his own laptop before quitting the job. After noticing what Teng has done, WINCODE once mailed to Teng through an attorney to request that Teng stop copying, using and revealing the trade secrets, and he should delete all the data.

The prosecutors found Teng never reacted to WINCODE’s request and even tried to give the secrets to Gainscha. WINCODE later found Gainscha’s general manager, Feng, paid Teng 14 thousands US dollar every month since October of 2019. WINCODE decided to report to the police.

Teng denied that he had revealed the secrets to Gainscha and claimed the secrets to be of no economic value. However, the prosecutors found the file names and contents in Teng’s latop to be the same as those of WINCODE, and people of Gainscha once discussed the establishment of R&D center in Taiwan with Teng. What’s more, Gainscha’s general manager, Feng, has paid Teng 20 times since August of 2019 with the amounts from 3 thousands up to 10 thousands US dolloars.

Based on several evidence, the prosecutors thought Teng to be suspected and prosecuted him for violating the copyright law as well as the trade secret law.

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