2022-10-11 [US Patent Infringement] Ennostar Won the LED Patent Lawsuit against Lowe’s Infringement

Liberty Times October, 11, 2022

Ennostar said today that its subsidiary, Epistar, has a complete layout of LED product technology patents. Epistar has won the patent infringement lawsuit filed against Lowe’s Home Centers for LED filament bulbs in California on December of 2021.

Ennostar pointed out that after a jury trial in the District Court for the Central District of California, the federal judge of the court confirmed the jury’s verdict on October 4, confirming that Lowe’s has infringed three patents of Epistar and rejecting the accusation which intended to invalidate the patents of Epistar.

After being tried by the court, it was not only determined that Lowe’s LED filament bulb manufactured by YanKon in Zhejiang, China infringed the three patents claimed by Epistar, but also confirmed the three patents’ effectiveness.

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