2023-01-16 [Germany Infringement] Nichia Won Another Lawsuit in the Infringement Case against Everlight’s German Subsidiary

udn.com January 16, 2023

Nichia recently stated that the German Court of Appeals in Dusseldorf confirmed that WOFI (a German subsidiary of Everlight (2393)) infringed on Nichia’s YAG patent for a number of white LED products, and Everlight regrets that the German judgment did not consider the favorable evidence presented by WOFI and will defend its rights under the law. The decision has not yet been confirmed and is subject to appeal.

The Court of Appeals in Düsseldorf, Germany, issued a decision (Case No. I-2 U 2/17) on an important patent infringement lawsuit brought by Nichia Corporation against WOFI Leuchten Wortmann & Filz GmbH (“WOFI”).

The Dusseldorf Court of Appeals affirmed that WOFI’s various white LED products infringe on Nichia’s YAG patent division EP 2 276 080 (DE 697 40 795), which was previously affirmed by the first instance decision of the Dusseldorf District Court (Case No. 4b O 103/15). WOFI is a manufacturer of home lighting products and a German subsidiary of the Taiwanese LED manufacturer Everlight Electronics Co. The aforementioned decision has not yet been determined and is subject to appeal.

On October 31, 2022, the Dusseldorf District Court issued a judgment on damages against Nichia for the infringement of the YAG patent EP 936 682 owned by Nichia, and ordered WOFI to pay Nichia 3.225 million euros and interest compensation for damages. The aforementioned judgment has not yet been determined and is still under appeal.

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