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2024-03-27 ASUS Infringes on ACQIS Patent, Texas Jury Finds $570 Million in License Fees

2024-03-21 Commercial Times, B5 section Elan Microelectronics files patent lawsuit against FocalTech.

2024-03-13 Huawei ranks first in international patent applications. 6,494 applications were submitted last year, beating Samsung’s 3,924 applications. CATL’s ranking jumped to eighth place.

2024-03-06 Top 100 Innovative Organizations, ITRI was selected againEighth time of honor, No. 1 R&D unit in the Asia-Pacific region, and Patent power being comparable to international companies such as ASML and GE

2024-02-21 Customs seized 87,000 pieces of counterfeit goods last year with a market value of nearly NT$700 million

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IP Filing System Related News in Taiwan, USA, Japan, Korea, China and EU

2023-08-07【Software Patent Filing in Europe】Guidelines for Filing Computer Software Related Applications in Europe

2023-08-04【Software Patent Filing in U.S.】Guidelines for Filing Computer Software Related Applications in U.S.

2023-07-28【Software Patent Filing in China 】Guidelines for Filing Computer Software Related Applications in China

2023-07-24【Software Patent Filing in Japan】Guidelines For Filing Computer Software Related Applications-in Japan

2023-07-21【Software Patent Filing in Taiwan】Guidelines for Filing Computer Software Related Application in Taiwan

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